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Hi, everybody I would like somebody to explain this me: I have a new client with around 8550 earned income in 2020 and 12452 in 2019 head of household with two small children. I am sure that she will benefit using the PYEI election. And she did, but that is weird is that I used the election and she in fact benefit more but what is strange to me that as you know PS will calculate the earned income for 2020 but because she was not  my client in 2019 I checked the copy from last year and I input the 12452 where it is says earned income from 2019 and I selected the check to use the election. When the software transfer the words PYEI I saw the amount on the dotted line 8550. The law says enter the PYEI and the amount from 2019. 

To make this more weird, I have another client who was my client in 2019 and will benefit from the election because she worked only a lit bit in 2020. When the software transfer the words PYEI, this time it did it correctly, inputting the amount from 2019. 

I would like somebody to try with somebody to use the election with someone who was not your client last year to see what happens. Thank you. 

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