Thank you for the patience. 

We've fixed two issue that will go out Feb 4th - the missing Client Status columns and the Client Status: Date Final Return Printed not printing.  If you're experiencing issues in addition to those two, could you email proseries_engineering@intuit.com so we can arrange a zoom to investigate? We are having trouble reproducing the additional client status issues a few folks are seeing.. so we need help.


As context, in case you're wondering.. for Tax Year 20 we had to switch out the underlying database that drives HomeBase. The prior technology was from a company that went out of business about 7 years ago.. so it was too risky to keep going with that technology given constant Microsoft OS updates. The effort to do so was enormous though, and we've seen a few misses like this that we want to rectify as soon as we can.. but sometimes we need help reproducing the issue since sometimes it depends on a very, very specific set of circumstances.

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