Hi abctax55. I guess I wasn't clear.

If an employer were going to defer, that deferral would happen on the payroll tax return (Form 941). So I was nervous, thinking that if the deferral was required, then I filed all my 941s wrong.

The Form SE says "Enter the portion of line 3 that can be attributed to March 27, 2020, through December 31, 2020." It isn't phrased in such a way that it sounds optional. The software doesn't phrase it in such a way that makes it sound optional. If I enter 0, that makes it sound like all their self-employment was between January 1 - March 26, which is false. Call me paranoid, but I get nervous putting something on a tax form that isn't true.

But if y'all tell me that I can put 0 there, I'll put 0 there.

0 Cheers