Level 4

This is honestly a big mistake (and step backward) for the designers/programmers/whoever to make a "fix" to something that didn't need to be fixed to start with to my $4,000 plus software.  I'm not going to jump through multiple hoops to do something that I've been able to do for the last 15 plus versions of proseries.  That's just a time waste. This 2020 version will NOT allow a duplicate file in the same data directory. I keep all my data files in ONE directory to make daily backups easier to do.  I'm not going to have multiple data directories. 

I also worry that if I do run the current database maintenance routine, a file will get deleted or messed up.  I don't trust any automatic routine whatsoever.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.  I wonder what other "updated surprises" are in store for this year.