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A little more information for you ---Our tech support unable to figure out --talked to Microsoft no help a bunch of idiots---The most help came from a guy at CFS who is still researching and kind of thought also --a antivirus -then our tech guy spent more than 3 hrs on phone at our office with a a DELL Rep --pretty brilliant individual who really knew his way around ---the error seem to generate about the time we installed the windows update(s) about the first week of December---- that's when we  got a shares issue (permissions) Everyone has rights to all programs --been checked so many times first place everyone wants to put their finger on  --but that is not the deal --Reason CFS got involved is the same error appears for their programs --so reached out to Microsoft a bunch of idiots  and then to Dell who spent a lot of time trying to see any problems they could see--no help. Dell is researching also. But in the meantime we are at a complete stand still --we have over 550 clients all networked ---so we sure hope you folks have a fix ---Thank you for your time. Martin [email address removed]   [phone number removed]

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