Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry you ran into this issue. ProSeries is attempting to update a Microsoft Library it depends on (Visual C++ runtime). 

Could you download and run the Visual C++ Installer directly? 


If that works, then try the ProSeries installer.

If that doesn't work, can you share what error it returns?

Also, if you're comfortable doing so, whether it succeeds or fails could you email all files that start with the name "dd_vcredist" in C:\Users\{userid}\AppData\Local\Temp\ to proseries_engineering@intuit.com?  That's where Microsoft keeps it's log files for this - it might have details on what is failing, which will help us help others.  Note that's probably a hidden directory, so if you're not comfortable searching for it don't worry about it.

Again, sorry you've run into this problem.