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For the last couple of years NYS have being deducting premiums for the Paid Family Leave program. This deduction shows in Box 14 of the W2. The description have not being added on the drop down menu of the W2 worksheet forcing to list it as "Other...". The description for this entry is PAID FAMILY LEAVE.

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Add your suggestion for this to be added over here in the Idea Exchange, that's the best place for program suggestions/requests

While youre there, scroll through the list of suggestions that others have added, hit the VOTE button on the things youd like to see as well.  The more votes each idea gets, the more likely Intuit is to implement it.

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Box 14 is just informational.  Unless the information has a direct impact on the return that has not already been reflected on the W-2, there is no need to have a separate item for it.  "Other" is fine.

So assuming all of the other boxes on the W-2 have the proper numbers, there is no need to even enter Box 14 if it doesn't require an additional entry elsewhere on the tax return.

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I can't find a definitve answer, but this seems to be a deductible tax on the federal Schedule A, similar to Califorinia's CASDI.  Like the California tax, the program should add it to Schedule A taxes.  Not that anyone in New York needs it, since they're all over the $10,000 SALT limit anyway.  

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Use "other deductible tax" if the name isn't to your liking.

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