Level 12

Most software companies do beta testing with a group of enthusiastic customers.  Intuit just releases the software three months before they're done with the programming.  Let the paying customers do the testing for you!  I find things like "401(k) limits haven't been adjusted for 2020" to be pretty ridiculous.  Those numbers have been publicly available for an entire year now.

I have a spreadsheet I use for QC and for tax planning.  The first thing I did when I rolled it from 2019 to 2020 was to update all of the inflation adjustments.

I'm not too concerned about 2020 tax law changes at this point.  The probability of a second round of 2020 stimulus checks to dead people gets smaller each day.

I think the biggest mystery for the time being will be deductibility of PPP expenses.  For those I'm planning a "wait and see" approach pending Congressional action.

If Congress can agree on any of the various Biden proposals, I suspect they won't be implemented until TY2022.