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I've tried for several days now since attempting to transfer 2019 to 2020. I reported to Intuit on Friday morning (phone call), tech put me on hold (twice) to check out, then finally said her supervisor told her there was a problem (yes, there is, not even updating their employees, not good).  But there has been no communication from Intuit ProSeries to customers.  They should notify us, customer service/relations.   I hoped they would fix on Friday, but have tried again Saturday and Sunday to transfer one 1040, I get error code 146.  I'm only trying to transfer one 1040 to start entering data (estimates).  In the past I've started in Nov/Dec even without all states being available.   So that should not be the case, hope not - State aren't out until mid-January.  Every time I log in, I do updates (to no avail).  Terrible to release a product that doesn't work.  

Can I set up a new client and enter data, then later do transfer of some 2019 information?  

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