Level 2
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Make a copy of the file every time you add new assets (after adding new assets, close the client, and the right click on the client and select copy and a copy of the file will be added to your client list) . I've learned the hard way that this software is unstable and frangible at best and the file can become corrupt for any number of reasons. 

Another workaround to the Print to PDF issue (Crashes my system and Corrupts the file EVERY TIME)  is having the "Adobe PDF" printer (I believe you have to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for this option) as a print option, our office stubbled on to this when a new user of the software was able to print using Adobe PDF because Microsoft Print to PDF was not her default PDF printer. 

I've been using the "Adobe PDF" printer for 2 days and so far it works perfect with no issues.