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Does pro series offer a program for filing 1099's?

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There is an add on available:


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As @IRonMaN  said there is an add on, but it is costly if you only do a few. There are quite a few on line services that are a better value. I use https://easy2efile.efile1.com/Login.aspx,

as I only do about 15 - 20 a year it is more economical for me

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Thanks Terry!  Check your private messages.

I also only do a few of these, so if anyone else has a recommendation please share it.  I'd like to get out of the 1099 business entirely and will be evaluating online options to recommend directly to clients for 2020 filings in January of 2021.


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I use EFile4Buz. Very resonable and they do everything needed.

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Advanced Micro Solutions Inc. www.1099-etc.com. In my opinion, quite reasonable.