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A client still hasn't received her refund.  She hasn't received a letter either.  We filed back in April.  When she goes to "where's my refund" it just says processing.  Any ideas?

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I had a client, efiled late March, that was stuck in "Processing" mode.  I called Practitioner Line, found out client was to have received the Identity Verification Letter but due to IRS closing in March for the pandemic the letter was not sent.  With client on a conference call, we were able to be transferred to division that handles the verifications.     So, long story short, worth the time to call PPS.  

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Clients called IRS themselves last week, after three hours on the phone they verified their identity and were told the refund would be issued in another nine weeks.  (That's probably just IRS baffletalk, with the interest accruing it will probably be more like two or three weeks.)  Return had been filed in April.  

Another client filed in March and died in June.  No estate.  The refund and EIP were to pay the funeral home.