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@Beth-K- wrote:

I filed Form 4868 on 7/15/2020 for a MFJ couple.  When I printed Form 9325 it indicates that a 1040 was accepted, Boxes 1 and 2. However, Box 6 is also checked stating that Form 4868 was also accepted.

When I update my clients' return with the final amounts, I get a message that the 1040 has already been accepted and that I have to submit an amended return, Form 1040X.  How do I proceed?

If the 9325 that you printed back in July shows Boxes 1 and 2 checked, sounds like you filed the actual return along with the extension somehow (which is weird since I would think youd still have errors hanging out there if the return wasnt ready to file).

Id "undo" the last final entries that were just made, open and activate the 1040X form, then add the last final figures and Efile it as an amended return.


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