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I have a client that died in March 2020 with the Form 706 due in December but the 2020 form 706 is not available yet?  any information on how to speed up the process of getting the software sooner as I HAVE to use the 2020 form to prepare for a 2020 death?

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"any information on how to speed up the process of getting the software sooner"

Maybe if you call support and tell them that you really need it sooner they will release it to you earlier than scheduled ----------------------- or maybe not.  

If they don't release it soon enough you have to move to plan B, or maybe even plan C.  Extend the return or manually prepare it.

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FWIW the 2019 version of the 706 shows that it was released in November (lots of return types showed that Nov date, and still werent available, so Im not sure how reliable that is), but the first update didnt show up until March and the final update of it not until April, so dont hold your breath for a working copy of the 2020 Form 706 before year end.

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The IRS Form 706 isn't year specific so you could download pdf to manually complete and mail in now.

Disclaimer--- I know nothing about this form.   I just looked it up to see what you're situation was.  I may be all wrong.


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It is date specific in that it is for decedents dying after xxx date. The 2020 form will be different than 2019 because of the exemption difference.

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Like @IRonMaN said, just file an extension. From IRS:

 You must file Form 706 to report estate and/or GST tax within 9 months after the date of the decedent's death. If you are unable to file Form 706 by the due date, you may receive an extension of time to file. Use Form 4768, Application for Extension of Time To File a Return and/or Pay U.S. Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Taxes, to apply for an automatic 6-month extension of time to file.

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