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Oh, good point.

It is more than semantics. The Relationship matters. "Who" pays is not "whoever does payroll literally paid me." It's the Relationship that matters. That's why I keep asking about Employers, and who is considered to be working for whom.

An Example of PEO is a local "Labor-Ready Temp Placement Agency" so if you applied to Your own business through this entity, I suppose you can be paid through payroll, and then your business would be charged for their placement service. Then, the IRS would discover this relationship is Invalid, of course.

It isn't clear if there is a desire to form a Corporation? Then you would be hiring yourself, even though you might also be the only Shareholder.

No, there's not much advantage to that. Yes, there are new Costs associated.

And this is Important. If a person has been doing tax returns, this is part of basic business return information. So we want to make sure you get this right, because it is something you should already be using for your own clients. That's the Concern. Let us help you get this knowledge now.

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