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Hi, if anyone out there in MA tried to purchase Proseries Basic on August 29, 2020 like I did, check your credit card receipt for the posting amount.  They erroneously added sales tax!!

Note:  August 29-30 2020 was a sales tax free weekend in MA!!!

Even though my printed receipt excluded the MA sales tax (which thank goodness I saved), the credit card posted an amount with sales tax added.  

Also, the immediate email confirmation I received on Aug 29 for my renewal order contained an error.  My email was dated 8/29/2020, but it says the Order date was 8/24/2020, and the Proseries added a sales tax amount to my order (even though the original receipt indicated Sales tax = 0).

It took me over 45 minutes on the phone to request the sales tax as a credit into my account.

They don't know what happened, and why it happened, but they couldn't even issue me a credit back to my credit card.

In 2019, I also ordered Proseries on a tax free weekend, and there were no issues.





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Is there a way you can recoup that tax directly from MA?  Because Iowa passed a law last July that software was not taxable.  Intuit did not know this so I had to file a form with Iowa to recoup tax.  Sometimes Intuit does not keep up with individual state exemption weekends or tax law changes.

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Ironic, isn't it?