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I was instructed, after calling the practitioner priority line, to file an amended return for a client whose e-file was rejected due to a duplicate SSN. the root of the problem is that the guy went on the website and entered his info to apply for stimulus payment, and apparently this creates and submits a 1040 automatically with 0 data on it, for people who didnt yet file a 2019 return. However, because his SSN is attached to that no-data return, the e-file was rejected because the 0 data return is already on record. I was told anyone who who put their data in this application would have such a automatic return created and that was the reason the IRS is allowing the 1040-X to be e-filed this year. 

I understand that only returns that were originally e-filed can have the corresponding 1040-X e-filed as well, however in this case considering that the taxpayer entered his information online, shouldn't this be considered e-filed? Or are we only able to file the 1040-X for clients whose original return was e-filed from the same exact software? This is not clear in the FAQ. 

In light of the fact that probably hundreds of thousands of people may run into this problem, and apparently this is the entire reason the IRS is allowing this in the first place, I would have thought intuit would allow us to e-file the 1040-X so the client can receive a refund quicker and not have to wait an absurd amount of time. Any suggestions appreciated. 

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