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Yes, I saw the cheer but that disappeared too.

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@Matt B 


I have a question/complaint about the soon-to-be new ability to e-file amended returns.


Can all Individual Amended filing types be e-filed?
Only an e-filed Form 1040 or 1040-SR can be amended. An original return that was paper filed cannot have an e-filed amended return. The original return must have been e-file through your ProSeries software.


That is an Intuit-imposed restriction, rather than an IRS limitation.   WHY is Intuit doing that?  Does Intuit hate its customers that much?

That pretty much eliminates almost all of the usefulness of being able to e-file the amended returns.  Most of my amending is from tax returns that were done by other preparers.

Intuit strikes again.  Yet another reason to hate Intuit and look into other software.