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I have a California LLC that has K-1 income from another partnership/LLC. The California amounts for line 1 income are $32,790 less than the federal amounts. I can't find anywhere to enter this difference. Trying to override amounts in column (c) on Page 5 results in an error and the Amount in Column does not decrease (it actually increased $6.800 which was the amount of state fees and taxes deducted on the federal return). It appears ProSeries is ignoring the override amount in column C altogether.


It appears ProSeries is still weak with regard to K-1 income on LLC and partnership returns. Entering California adjustments on individual K-1's is easy and built in to the 1040 program, but the 1065 565/568 programs do not accommodate this feature.

How can I enter California adjustments on the CA Form 568?

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