Level 2

Just curious - was yours coded as a 1st quarter payment or a 2nd quarter payment?  I noticed that the final review diagnostic for electronic payments showed '0' for an electronically scheduled 1st quarter, but correctly showed amounts for any subsequent electronically scheduled quarters.  I even tried coding the first two quarters as a 2nd quarter payment instead of as a 1st quarter (contrary to April Proseries guidance) just to see what the diagnostic indicated, and the diagnostic would then show the correct combined amount.  I called Proseries the evening of 7/14/20, and they confirmed the same diagnostic issue that I was having but said the first two quarters should still be reflected as a combined 1st quarter and that the electronic payments should still come out as scheduled.  I gave it until today, then checked with eftps and was told there was nothing scheduled for the first quarter, but that the 3rd & 4th quarters were in the system to be paid as scheduled.  Proseries has been informed, and I am told I will hear back from them within 48 hours.