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I have 8 entries in my 1040 and 1040NR listings that are not my clients, several are from Fort Worth, TX and London.  Does any one else have something odd like this going on?  I am waiting for a tech support call but thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any ideas.


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Are they sample evaluation returns?

I feel like I saw something like this reported a month or so ago.


Hi, prior to licensing ProSeries it's considered the Evaluation version which provides only limited functionality (meaning can't efile, etc.), this also includes some sample files.  I assume (not seeing exactly what you have displaying) that this is just that.

I'm including a list below of the client data file names for reference:


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Thanks I will check.  Just not sure why they all of a sudden appeared this AM.  I have been doing updates daily and never saw them until today.