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I have been experiencing some difficulties e-filing. I have updated several times, but each time the same message appears (the version is not current need to update).  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Iam  also getting the same message when trying to Efile.

Plus for about a week or more, every time close the ProSeries program it has to go through this Update.

Not sure if the program files became corrupt....

Could also be the Intuit Server is so busy that not allowing Efile Returns...seen that many times over the decades of filing.

Call Center Support is already closed at 8pm Pacific when it shows closing at 10pm Pacific which indicates their call lines may be swamped!!

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Use one of these 2 methods to update 2018, sometimes it takes more than once.



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Happy End of TAX Season 2019/2020

The Refresh Update Worked!! (I had seen that selection but didn't now what it was...my program had no response last night.

Program allowed for Install Now (the current updates) (also why OH State Return had not loaded after numerous attempts)

(I first reviewed each EFILE Client File for Errors, and Review plus "Saved")

Remember, Inside EFILE, ReConvert Toggle batched each client file

Then I used the Transmit Toggle to Send EFILE client files.

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