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Yesterday I posted a post regarding the fact that despite my repeated calls & tweets to Pro Series CEO and it's escalation team regarding the fact that Intuit hadn't updated form 8615 Kiddie tax to comply with the new Secure Tax Act enacted in December 2019, and because of Pro  Series Intuit's delay I lost many clients needing their kids 2018 taxes amended to competitors like H&R Block who had their software updated on time, and viola! Pro series updated my 2018 software form 8615 yesterday! TO LITTLE TOO LATE!!!

We rely on Pro Series to help us compete in a very competitive Industry. Pro Series needs to step up and pay for it's inefficiency 90% of my clients are affected by Kiddie tax, for them to go elsewhere because Pro Series didn't have the right product they should have had in time is a huge loss for me that will be felt for years to come, especially if these clients don't return. Once clients don't have faith it is extremely hard to get them back. We work very hard to get these clients in the first place.

I need Pro Series CEO to address this issue immediately.

There is no way to reach this CEO other than on twitter. All his escalation team told me is that the department that deals with software updates hasn't yet updated!

*Pro Series Intuit needs to take responsibility of my huge loss. I need to know that I am using a product I can depend on at all times.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Springman.

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Since  I don't see a post from yesterday, I hope it was as good as today's post.

As a side note, I don't think the CEO is monitoring this site.

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@amiliza wrote:

I need to know that I am using a product I can depend on at all times.


Then you REALLY should NOT be using Intuit tax software.  Seriously.


You can get most of the executive's email addresses here (you will likely get a response by their assistant):


As a side note, you said 90% of your clients are affected by the Kiddie Tax?  Really?  I can't imagine how that is possible.

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I dont have any clients with kiddie tax...I didnt even realize this was an issue.

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Read the Terms & Agreement you signed for the answer you can expect on your post. There is no guarantee of anything, that you might expect, and this is the same with all Tax software, to the best of my knowledge.

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In the future, try sending a polite, well worded email to the CEO.  You will more than likely receive a response from someone in the CEO's orbit that is capable of answering your concern. 

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