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This is a follow up question related to this specific shared policy allocation.  My client is single and not a dependent of someone else with adjusted gross income of $7,159 resulting in taxable income of $0. She did have self-employment tax of $101 but had withholding of $35 so she was due to pay $66.

After I found out about the father having a 1095-A with my client as a covered individual, then I added the 1095-A to her return.  His form has total monthly enrollment premiums of $13,923, SLCSP of $15,586, and advance payment of PTC of $10,812.  There were four covered individuals on the form.  The CPA that prepared his return entered the allocation percentage on form 8962 as premium 0.00%, SLCSP 0.0%, and advance payment of the PTC 0.75%.

Now I'm using Proseries Basic to prepare my client's return and I entered all of the 1095-A from the father's form into Proseries for her.  In the shared policy allocation section, I entered 25% as the advance payment of the PTC and that's all.  It has calculated the net premium tax credit as $11,220 which now results in $11,154 as her overall tax refund.  This just doesn't seem right to me.  Can you help me understand if this is correct or not?

Thanks for any help given.

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