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@dkh  "All were concerned with having to give back to IRS - which they won't. "

And, why won't they?  The President was asked about the decedent checks yesterday, and answered “we’ll get that back.” So either he’s a fool for thinking that will be done, or you’re a fool for advising people to give away money that’s not theirs. I didn’t see the part in your original post about exceptions for needy widows. Maybe the President has one too, and just didn’t mention it. 


It is naive to think of this as a program to help people who need the cash. They did that already with unemployment benefits. Whenever bipartisan support is involved, you can be sure that it is for the benefit of the banks. The less money is spent, the more is left interest-free on deposit in checking accounts. They can loan that out at high interest rates to their most credit-worthy customers. You’ll still see bank failures later this year, though.