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My Question/s about “Recent” Pro Series Professional Updater Issue

April 8, 2020

Until 2 days ago, at the start of the day, I will start my laptop and then log into Pro Series Professional.

Only at my specific command of “Update”, it will update download and then install the updates.

But for last 2 days (despite logging out of the Pro Series several times) and even restarting the laptop several times, I experience the following:

When I click on the Pro Series 2019 icon, it automatically starts the “Updater” and brings to Install command.  When I say install, it starts with a funny and weird progress bar of:

North Dakota                     [social security number removed] % (I mean some large % numbers)

Total Progress                   -[social security number removed] % (I mean some large % numbers)

If I say “Install” the dialogue box and Pro Series completely disappears.

I can go to the software ONLY if I select “Install Later” command.

OTHERWISE in an alternative situation:

I get a message: Other Program Busy

Options: Retry / Cancel

And then It gives me error code: 5

Any thoughts / clarifications / updates would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards.


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