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@JDRM wrote:

My first time doing shared policy allocation of Form 1095-A.  My client was a covered individual on her father's policy but she is not his dependent.  He got the 1095-A and is listed as the recipient.  It has four covered individuals.  So when I complete my client's 1095-A, do I list her or her father as the recipient in Part 1?  And do I enter her address or his.  Then in Part II, do I only list her or do I list everyone that was a covered individual on her father's form?  Then, how do I determine what percentage to us in the smart worksheet.  Do I just use 25% since there were four covered individuals?


The probably will automatically put the taxpayer's name as the recipient, but it really doesn't matter.  The 1095-A worksheet is just a way to populate the 8962.

If there was Advance credit paid (column C of the 1095-A) and they are agreeable to it, it is usually best to allocate 100% of it to the tax return that has the lowest poverty percentage (which is usually the child's).  But your client and her father need to discuss it.  If they can not agree, then yes, 25% goes to the daughter.   But that is usually NOT the best overall tax result.