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I agree with you completely @Raymay .  Quality control on the updates has become poor.  It was not this way in the past.  Problems are becoming more and more common. 

Intuit's system to report a problem and get Intuit to actually acknowledge the problem exists is terrible.  When a PS problem is identified and acknowledged by Intuit they do not automatically inform all PS users of said problem and when the problem will be fixed.   

It is extremely unsettling when a PS update comes out and breaks something that was previously working fine.  The users bring it to Intuit's attention and Intuit employees [contractors?] give you a work-around.  Hey, I don't want a work-around!  I want you to fix what you broke within 24 hours!  I'm really busy this time of year.  I can't afford to wait weeks or months for Intuit to fix what Intuit broke.

The most valuable thing a software program can provide is reliability.