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In the midst of all the normal craziness of taxes and the Corona virus, now I have a client insisting that she was able to claim the expense of her fancy premium light filtering blinds a few years ago because it had something to do with the value of her home, I think. Last year, she had some water damage that the insurance is not going to take care of and paid 4-5k for replacements. Has anyone run across this? 

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For hr personal residence?  Maybe some kind of casualty loss in prior years, they took that away with TCJA we dont get any casualty losses for things like that anymore unless it was a federally declared disaster that caused it.


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Thank you very much, Lisa. Ironic, she was a big supporter of the TCJA. 😉 

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You might look up the Energy Saving regulations. I remember something like that years ago, but do not know the requirements. Residential Energy Credits.

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Thank you for that idea! I will check it out. Have a wonderful day, Dawn


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