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So why we cannot schedule the tax payments after the 4/15 deadline at Proseries when the Govt already announced 4 days ago? Proseries wont allow scheduling of IRS payment after 4/15. Pls catch up, Pro Series asap, losing clients, Help Pro Series !!!

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Its doubtful they will change the programming for this one time thing, give your client  a1040V and they can mail a check later.

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Exactly how many clients have you lost over the July 15 date thing?

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Does this post make you feel better?  Think how much better you would have felt if you had only used all caps!!  WOW!

We are all in this together.... we are in a war against this virus.  And in times of war....(WW1, WWII, Korean, etc) people made sacrifices...some the ultimate.  Maybe you could sacrifice your anger for a few more hours or days....

Maybe, just maybe.... you could print a 1040-V like @Just-Lisa-Now-  suggested, even give them a pre-printed envelope with the mailing address... and explain how they get 90 days free interest on their balance due for the low low cost of 55 cents.   But...that may be a sacrifice you are not willing to make.

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