Level 7

YES, I AGREE WITH YOU CVALLEY!  This program error does need to be reversed in ProSeries.

For tax year 2019 ProSeries [PS19], I am getting multiple error messages in each return for assets that were entered into ProSeries in previous years.  The entries are Land purchases, with 'Type of asset' coded as 'O' on the Asset Entry Worksheet where 100% of the Asset is Land.  This program issue first surfaced in the summer of 2019 after an update to tax year 2018 ProSeries [PS18].  It took quite some time, but eventually a subsequent update to PS18 fixed the problem.  

If there is an update for this problem please explain how to get it.  Otherwise:  In the Asset Entry Worksheet, under Asset Information, increase the Cost or basis by $1, leave the Type of Asset as code 'O', leave the Land $ amount as it is, then enter a depreciation method in for the $1.  Repeat this for every affected Asset, in every return, for the entire filing season.

I request that the PS19 programmers immediately fix this program error that has reappeared from the PS18 summer of 2019 update.