Level 2

Im having the same problem with my 1120 S File .

This occurs When inputting the K1's from a Partnership form and have taken and entered:
    Ordinary Bus Income  $89,
                          w2 wage $216  
                            UBIA of $380.
Then on the ! - 199A Sum Wks Page it shows
             UBIA highlighted in red of this $380 amount . 
Error: 199A Sum Wks - UBIA - The Total Amount is Larger than the amount allocated to all Schedule K-1s. Review the K-1 Statement A to ensure that the combined K-1 Amounts for this item are increased by $380.

In addition to this problem, there is Nowhere to Enter this amount  on the Intuit 1040 Form
K-1  for S Corps, the Quick Zoom (17V) Worksheet for QIB takes you somewhere to an Basis for Energy Property and there is No way to enter this information on the 1040. 

0 Cheers