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I would like to scan my client's W2s, 1099s, etc and link them to the client data file.  Other than using ProSeries' Document Management tool, does anyone know how to do that?  I'm not trying to use the scanned information to input to the program, I just want to have copies of the documents to reference in the future if need be.  Thanks for any help.

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I have a stand-alone scanner that prompts me for a client name every time I scan.  Clients send me hard copy:  I will scan it to c:\ProWin18\ClientData\TheirName2018.1

More data arrives: I save it as TheirName2018.2 etc.

When they send me scans and I save it using same method.  

Unless you get all your data on uniform std size paper, make sure your scanner's ADF can handle differing size paper input.  I think it's best if the ADF feeds vertically instead of horizontal, so gravity helps feeder

My scanner handles up to 12 pages well; more than that and I have to hover over it and feed the ADF more input as needed, or let it run out and then it asks for more pages.  

Mine also has feature to create searchable PDF, but scanning is slower ppm.  For tax data, I do not use that feature.  [I use it for regular text documents.]

When done, I return all hard copies, keeping only e-files.

I store PS data file, PDFs of Returns, and scans of clients' data in different locations, not linked, but easily found.

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I love the above method but..... my scanner will scan 59 pages per minute but they have to be 8 1/2" or less wide so I make a copy and then scan that. It is still better than keeping boxes of client data.  I have every piece of data for one client (1040, 1120,1120-S, and a 1065 with 32 Partners) going back to 1984 and I wonder why I am running out of room!

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I doubt there's a way to "link" them to your clients tax file.  

I have them all in a folder called Client Scanned Files with the file names as LastNameFirstNameTaxYear.pdf   if they dribble other pages in I add a -1 -2-3 to the end of the file name.

So when I look at the Client Scanned Files folder I see:   





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