Level 15
Level 15

Well, Im glad youre still up and running, thats always a plus.

I just searched my computer for that .dll file and I found it in the ProWin19/32bit folder with a "created" date thats a week after I originally installed the program, then it was accessed 3 weeks later when I ran an update.

Im in CA, so its still really early...but my first inclination would to be to try and run the Update repair tool from the programs menu, or maybe a reinstall of the whole program to see if that file gets repaired.

But since youre up and running, maybe wait and see if @IntuitAustin has any  thoughts on this?

EDIT:   Now that Im thinking about it, that date it was last accessed may have been right before I turned off the Task Manager so that it wouldnt run auto updates anymore (I like to have control of updates, so I do those manually), so it may be related to the auto update task manager log that gets kept.