Level 12
Level 12
Hey @Jim from Ohio.....try not to get yourself too worked up my man (easier said than done). I have seen these drafts from IRS. These new returns look like shit. I prepare just as you do. I look at the 1040 and tunnel (love the word) as deep as i must to prepare before I eventually come back up the tunnel to the 1040 and move on to the next line that i need to go to. I've prepared it this way for my entire career. I am 49 and started preparing when I was 16 years of age. I am hesitant to download 18's but know I must. I planned on middle of December but I will move that up so I have more time to familiarize myself with this new face of the software.

@Ashley at Intuit (aka Henry Jr) I truly hope we can piece together a webinar of sorts to go over our new PS software. See what magic you can put together.

I will report back @Jim from Ohio when I am finally brave enough to download. :smile:
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