Level 15
@Ashley at Intuit (aka Henry Jr)   What I *THINK* everybody is talking about, when you look at the 1040 within the program and click a line number, why the $%&@%^$ does it just bring you to the "1040 Wks" rather than the actual worksheet (for W-2s, 1099-Rs, etc.)?  You then need to go through the SECOND step of clicking that section on the W-2 worksheet.

In other words, for Lines 1-18 on the 1040, why the ^#^@ is Intuit making us work off of the new "1040 Wks" rather than working off the 1040 itself?

****So the top of the "1040 Wks" (the first 4 pages) should be deleted, and replace it with the actual 1040.****

It is already annoying enough that we need to re-learn where everything is due to the change in forms, why does Intuit insist on making it even more complicated?
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