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In years prior to 2018, a taxpayer could make a contribution to an IRA, the next day take a distribution of that contribution, then roll it into a Roth IRA.  This has been called a "Back Door Roth" as it could only be done through Proseries when you checked a box at the bottom of the 1099-R that allowed the full distribution to be re-characterized.
However, that step (C-1 through C-3) is now missing from the 2018 software.  Take a look.
It appears that this ability to contribute to a Roth through the "Back-door" method previously allowed has disappeared with the new tax act.
The 1099-R in 2018 shows the distribution as a total distribution with the taxable status as undetermined.
I have tried every way to get the distribution to show up as non-taxable but I can't.  I have tried every way suggested by those on this community
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