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Version 41.0414

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MD Form 500 Page 5 Displays Firm Name Exceeds 23 Characters and Overwrites Preparer's PIN


OK Schedule K-1, Line 5b Not Including Royalties, Prints on Line 6 Instead



AZ Diagnostic Ref. 52389 Generates When No Arizona Amount is Due and Federal Extension Not Marked

CT Tax Summary Does Not Include All Subtractions in the Total

DC E-file Acceptance Letter Incorrectly Shows Refund Processed Through Refund Advantage

MA Tax Summary does not show Business/Profession or Farm Loss for 2020 Year

US e-File Reject Expense Amount Showing as a Negative in e-File Schema /Return/ReturnData/IRS1040ScheduleC/TotalOtherExpensesAmt

US 1040NR Reject (SNEC-F1040NR-006) Tax Rate Shows 0 When e-Filing Instructions Are Set to No

US Diagnostic Ref. 19832 Generates When the Date of 04152021 Has Been Entered and WV is Present



CT Form CT-1065/CT-1120SI Part 1 Schedule A Line 6A Interest on Underpayment Not Adjusted by Overpayment

CT Client Letter Indicates Both Deposit and Amount Due 



US Input Screen 3 Codes 15 and 55 F1 Help Outdated


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