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And that's why we use customizable electronic organizers so that it limits the amount of entries clients will be required to make to a minimum, that the entire process can be paperless from delivery to completion to upload, and that entries are restricted by validation (which, although does not solve all problems with clients making a mess of the input, does help preserve the integrity of the organizer).

There are definitely clients who may not return their organizers or return one with incomplete or messy information.  Depending on the amount of time involved to correspond with them for additional details, reconcile/compile/organize data, or deal with their shoe box return, we may then bill them for the time incurred as outlined in the engagement letter and we do forewarn them in advance.

But because Link is not an electronic organizer by design and the general questions are so poorly worded, tax pros who use PTO but have relied on organizers from Intuit would have no choice now but to source for an organizer somewhere else.  AICPA store does have some pretty comprehensive organizers available for different types of returns.  It is just disappointing, to say the least, that Intuit would take a decision that is so out of line with not only industry norm but their own offerings for Lacerte as well as PS in the name of progression.
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