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In Lacerte, even for 2013, when you view the form there is a link to the instructions at the top of that form. When all else fails, read the instructions fully - I think I have highlighted the key words:

Line 9 – Adjusted gain or loss

You will have an entry on this line only if you reported a gain or loss on California Schedule D (540) or Schedule D-1, federal Schedule D, federal Form 4797, or federal Form 4684, Casualties and Theft, for income producing property that has a different basis for AMT than for regular tax. Generally, if you reported a gain or loss from the sale or exchange of mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, you will not have an entry on this line.

To figure the amount to enter on this line:

Step 1 – Refigure the adjusted basis of the asset sold. Take into account any AMT adjustments you made this year or in previous years for depreciation, incentive stock options, circulation expenditures, pollution control facilities, research and experimental expenditures, and mining costs.

Step 2 – Refigure your gain or loss using the adjusted basis from Step 1.

Step 3 – Figure the difference between the AMT gain or loss and the regular tax gain or loss and enter the result on line 9. Enter the difference as a negative amount if: the AMT gain is less than the regular tax gain; the AMT loss is more than the regular tax loss; or you have an AMT loss and a regular tax gain.


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