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I have a partnership K-1 with information from 10 pass thru entities it own showing both QTB & SSTB information. Even if I total them, only place to enter one type. Lacerte said to make up a dummy K-1 with the other
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It is not unusual to create a 2nd K-1 input for one entity. In the past there was some passive income and some non passive, so a 2nd k-1 entry is created. Do what support suggest and create a 2nd K-1 (not really a dummy.) 


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In the 1040 package, there are fields to enter as many activities as you'd like - the grid just expands by a row once you've filled up the ones there.

In the 1065 package, you have to enter a separate K-1 input for each activity in order to get them separately stated.

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