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I am working on a trust filing an initial tax return. I have a copy of the trust agreement (pretty generic revocable trust). The grantor died in July 2020. So this is the first year of the trust.

In 2020, the trust received $300,000 in annuity income reported on Form 1099-R. No distributions were made to the beneficiaries in 2020. Since we are past the 65-day period (March 6, 2021) in which they could have made distributions to the beneficiaries and because I don't now want the trust to pay a huge tax on the $300,000 of annuity income, can I make a Section 645 election so that the trust will still be within its fiscal year and be bale to push the income to the beneficiaries (via Sched K-1) and pay tax on the income at a lower tax rate? 

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