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Whining is what I took offense to, as my friend had nothing to do with this thread; he just asked if he was eligible or not for a stimulus payment.  If I had needed to do a return for him, it would have been pro bono.  I am the one who asked why he was left out.  Not because I was whining, but because I didn't know why and wanted to understand. The software did not say why he was not eligible, and I did not want to wait until regular business hours tomorrow to call my software provider (obviously Intuit, since this is an Intuit Community forum) to find out.

You have obviously read quite a bit about the three stimulus plans approved by congress, whereas I have read little more than the information associated with the software, so you are more informed than I am, and I apologize that I did not know whereof I spoke.

I read some of your earlier posts, and in some of them, you seemed rather snide; having read them prior to stating my question, I took offense where none was intended.  Yes, you are quite knowledgeable,  After all you are Level 15 (I agree, that is kind of a stupid distinction, since this is not a game).

I would suggest that for this forum, be kind.  Just because someone knows less than you on a topic is no reason to put them down.  This is a community of tax professionals for the purpose of helping each other.  We ask questions about things we lack knowledge on, in hopes that there is somebody, somewhere, that has faced those issues before.  I got the answer I needed, through responses from you and others, as well as a pop up on FAQ on the American Rescue Plan.  My friend was disappointed about 2020, but was relieved that he is counted for 2021, even though the stimulus payment goes to his parents. I was relieved that filing a tax return for him was unnecessary,

I also agree about handing out money (whoever Andrew Yang is, I'll have to look him up); I fear the legacy we are leaving our grandchildren, a tax burden they will never be able to pay off.

As a reminder, this is not a competition nor a place to show off; it is an opportunity to teach and share experience.

As my Dad used to say quite frequently while my sister and I were growing up, the Bible says to be kind to each other, so let's do that.

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