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Similar situation, but involves an adult that is 37, has been 100% social security disabled all his life, on Medicare, who has never filed a tax return (his SSA-1099 is under threshold and has zero tax liability), and he has been claimed as a dependent on his father's return all his life.

Because he is claimed as a dependent, he is not eligible for the stimulus payments, but because he is over 17, his parents don't get the $500 and $600 stimulus payments for dependents either.

Why does this man get left out? The stimulus program leaves him out as if he did not exist.  He has voted for the last 20 years, he is a US citizen.

If a parent is claimed as a dependent on a child's return (e.g., lives in nursing home and child has Power of Attorney), how is that person treated regarding stimulus payments, either as himself or as a dependent.  These preople should count, but how?

The only way it seems for my client to not be able to be claimed as a dependent is if he got married, too late for 2020, but possible, however unlikely, in 2021 for the impending stimulus check just approved by President Biden.

Is there a way for my client to receive stimulus payments, or alternatively, have his parents be able to claim a dependent stimulus payment for him because he is 100% disabled, in spite of being over 17?

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