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I can only tell you this: the  IRS denied me my Rebate for the stimulus of 600 that I never received saying my $9000 2020 income was more then the $75000 allowed --- how the heck does that make sense? nine thousand not ninety thousand -- but nine thousand-- who the heck do the employee there ? They cant do math and work for the IRS? AND now I have to wait 2 weeks for a letter they will send to the wrong address from an old house i lived in and moved from because it was destroyed in 2020 by a tornado. All because IRS wont update my information -- and btw this is going to create issues with the 1400 stimulus -- this is a HUGE freaking mess.

Reasons I was given on the Wheres My Refund Page

1 my dependants did not match -- which by the way I do not have dependants and never said I did

2 My SSI number is wrong when it isnt

3 My income exceeded the Rebate limits -- now $9,000 if far less then the $75000 limits so how does that work ?



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