cpainsandiego, that sounds absolutely frustrating.  So sorry that you are going through that.   I do not have any solution to help you resolve the Lacerte issue directly, but since you asked if I have any suggestions, my 2 cents is that we ALL are in this messy pandemic together so we have to realize that life is just working differently than it did before.  The Lacerte agents are probably working from home and don't have the same resources or ability to discuss/connect with co-workers.  The ones with most knowledge are either overwhelmed or not able to work due to Covid-19.  After making several attempts to reach knowledgeable support people and waiting for several hours, my issues were finally resolved.  If we were in "normal" times, I would think the logical solution is to find a different software company that can handle the support load, but my hunch is that they are all having the same issues and the grass is not greener over there.   You are not alone.  Everyone is having to take deep breaths, relax the pace and exercise a deeper amount of patience than ever needed before.   Hang in there.  If we are all kind to each other, this will be easier.  🙂

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