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This is not what you asked: "if they know how quickly Lacerte will add state e-file/what the pulse is on this topic."

You asked it like this: "I was just curious if anyone knew what the consensus among the other states was regarding adoption of this process?"

We like to copy the text here, in case someone makes a revision, later.

I pointed this out from the beginning; you asked about States' consensus and I stated the Program would first need to support it, and I provided the link that other programs support more states.

You further included this: "Once more states add this, I can see the real value here."

The perspective from the States is what you asked, which is what I was answering.

This is not Programming Support nor Tech Support, and no one here would be "in the know" to reveal what Intuit is planning. Which isn't what you asked.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.