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Chicken, may I introduce egg. See linked Help Article for more detail ↓

NOTE: Before you can "sign in offline", you must first log in to Lacerte while connected to the internet. This will cache your login credentials on the computer that will be working offline. After this has occurred, you will no longer need an internet connection to login to Lacerte. However, once your password expires, you will need to connect to the Internet and login to Lacerte which will allow the system to cache credentials again.

Login to Lacerte While Working Offline

“Chicken” and “egg” meant for illustration purposes only not to be taken literally nor figuratively and in no way meant to disparage any/all current, future and potential readers/interpretations, known/unknown nor endorsement/disparagement of lifestyle including said chicken or egg nor lifestyle based on deletion of aforementioned egg/chicken nor slight of presently existing chicken or egg - merely a play on words. which came first the chicken or the egg

The moose out front should have told you.