Level 3

Hi RangerZ:

I saw your other posting here E-Signatures and QuickBooks (Merchant Account) Integration   

I don't like the Lacerte eSignature invoice feature.  You should just use Lacerte to send the eSig request. For the invoice, email that to the client from QuickBooks Desktop. . It'll save you headaches and issues , trust me ! 🙂 

Even though it requires more work to create the invoice and separate email,  from QuickBooks Desktop, I found that I had a better handle on the billing process. 

With QBD, I  am able to  verify that the customer received the email. Plus , I can easily apply the deposit to the invoice created within QuickBooks Desktop. I'm able to track everything much more closely. Also, there's a record of the sent email in my Gmail account- since QuickBooks Desktop is connected to Gmail account.   

I hope that helps.