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US citizen is married to a French citizen - they live in France.

Is is necessary to file a tax return every year for her, because she is a US citizen, and how would she be classifed. MFJ or MFS

Her and her husband lived in the US for 5 years, before going back to France,  3 years ago, so he had a green card and soc. sec. number during that time.

She has a stock portfolio in US which generates $200 of income, and she may sell some stock periodically. 

If she is required to file a yearly return, does she even have to concern herself with her husband's worldwide income.

In 2019, she had dividends, and they both cashed in some of their IRA funds being held at Etrade., which generated some tax due. Should they file a joint return, and if so, does he have to claim his world wide income on that return, or just the IRA distributions?

Thank you for any thoughts on this  matter.



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